Please note that all tokenized stocks have been suspended from the Bittrex Global platform and are not available to trade. If you have any questions about this, please contact Bittrex Global Support.

Bittrex Global recently launched Tokenized Stocks. We’re really excited about this new financial product because it fits perfectly with our company’s mission to provide innovative offerings and include millions more investors around the world.

So what exactly are Tokenized Stocks?

You can think of Tokenized Stocks as being a synthetic version of a real stock, but since they’re a digital asset, you can buy and sell them from pretty much anywhere in the world – just like you would any cryptocurrency.

Tokenized Stocks have 4 very unique properties that make them different (and we believe, better) than regular stocks:

  • Accessible: For many countries we serve, investors can’t easily purchase stocks like Apple, Tesla, etc. Tokenized Stocks give you a legal way to access the US stock market to buy and sell US stocks.
  • Divisible: Because the shares are tokenized, it’s possible to buy a fractionalized portion of a stock. For example, Amazon Stock (AMZN) is over $3000 per share as of the beginning of 2021, but now you can buy a tenth of a share for around $300 or any amount your budget allows.
  • Always On: Traditional stocks on the US stock market only trade between 9:30 am – 4:00 pm everyday. Because these assets are tokenized, they can be traded 24 hours a day.
  • More Options: You can now invest in the entire S&P 500 with the SPY ETF tokenized stock. And in 2021, we plan to add many more interesting bundles of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

How do you buy Tokenized Stocks?

The process isn’t any different than any other asset you’d buy on Bittrex Global (please note that these assets aren’t available yet if you live in the EU/EEA or UK). You can visit the Tokenized Stocks page, our Instant Buy page, or the Markets page to find the Tokenized Stock you’re interested in, and just purchase it as you normally would.

What stocks are available?

We plan on adding loads of new stocks and bundles over the next few months, but we launched with 12 initial stocks based on demand from the Bittrex Global community: